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Membership costs


HEVRA is free to join as long as you meet our standards. At present our monthly fee is also free.


Towards the end of 2018, we plan to introduce a monthly fee which will be around £25. Hopefully you'll decide the membership benefits are worth the cost and stay with us. If not, you can leave whenever you like with nothing to pay.


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Makes supported by HEVRA Support


Audi (hybrid)

BMW and BMWi (hybrid and EV)

Chevrolet (hybrid)

Citroen (hybrid and EV)

Ford (hybrid)

Honda (hybrid)

Hyundai (hybrid and EV)

Jaguar (EV)- coming soon

Kia (hybrid and EV)

Land Rover (hybrid)

LEVC Taxi (hybrid)- coming soon

Lexus (hybrid)

Mercedes-Benz (hybrid and EV)

Mini (hybrid)

Mitsubishi (hybrid and EV)

Nissan (EV)

Peugeot (hybrid and EV)

Porsche (hybrid)- coming soon

Smart (EV)

Renault (EV)

Tesla (EV)

Toyota (hybrid)

Vauxhall (hybrid)

Volkswagen (hybrid and EV)


Support may be available for some limited production and aftermarket conversions, depending on the vehicle and the nature of the request.





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