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What is HEVRA about?

HEVRA was founded in 2017 by electric car driver and award-winning diagnostic technician Peter Melville, with the aim of promoting professionalism in car repair, and making it easier for drivers to find an alternative to main dealers.

"I want to create a system where someone can recommend a garage on the other side of the country, knowing that they have the expertise, equipment and support to fix an electric car"
Peter Melville, HEVRA founder

HEVRA aims to support electric car repairers in the following ways:

  • A quarterly newsletter, with tips and stories, news updates, and a detailed guide to a particular car with each newsletter
  • Marketing- We advertise directly to the public, online, on social media and at events. So if they're near you- they'll find you on our website.
  • Technical support- got stuck? Send us the details and we'll see if we can help. We're also building a support forum where we can all share information and help each other.
  • Advice- we'll give advice to keep you within the relevant laws and avoid voiding any warranties.
  • Tool loan service- need a special tool to complete a job? Let us know and we'll post it out to you. Post it back when you're done.
  • What we don't do

    • Tell you what jobs to take on and what to avoid- if you think a particular repair job isn't for you, tell the customer.
    • Tell you what to charge- this is between you and your customers.
    • Take a commision of your jobs- we just list you on our professional register and the customers will contact you in the usual way.

    What does HEVRA cost?

    HEVRA Membership costs £30+VAT per month and all of the membership benefits are included.

    What if I want to leave?

    If you're not happy for whatever reason, let us know. If you're still not happy with the outcome and choose to cancel your membership, just let us know and you'll have nothing more to pay.

    What do you do with the money?

    We raise money from membership fees, training course fees, and some other work we do for colleges and corporate customers. This is spent researching new repair and diagnostic techniques, producing technical documentation, providing our support services, and attending various events to promote the network, and therefore our members.

    What do I need to do to become a member?

    First, you will need to meet our criteria in terms of training and equipment. If you don't have the required training or tools, we can help.

    See our qualification requirements

    See our workshop equipment requirements

    See our equipment requirements for mobile mechanics

    Email us at membership@hevra.org.uk to sign up.

    Still not sure?

    Any questions just get in touch: membership@hevra.org.uk or call Peter Melville on 07485 405235

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